Hi! I’m DJ COS Music is my passion.

Right now I’m working on Mobil Disc jockey parties and mix shows on a few different platforms and radios. DJ Cos started DJing in the early nineties in bars and clubs in upstate New York, USA. He likes dance music and likes to make people have a good time though djing parties. His DJ influences are David Morales, Barry Harris, Peter Rauhofer, and Peter Tong.

When Cos DJs a Party or on his mix shows he has a passion for different styles, such has House, Deep house, Trance, Techno, Top 40 remixes, but can DJ different genres too. This shows that he loves music and making music. Over the past twenty years he has DJ’d in clubs like Carbon in New York City, Confettie’s in Poughkeepie, NY, Prime Time in Highland, NY, and Water Works in Albany, NY.

He enjoys watching sports. His favorite teams are, in the NFL the New York Giants, in Baseball the New York Yankees, and in the NHL the New York Rangers. On his downtime he likes to watch movies. His favorite movie is the classic horror movie Halloween 1978. His favorite Holiday is Halloween. If you want to see more of him check on Facebook and Twitter